Our booth at Spring ISD 21st Century Programs – 21st CCLC Summer Vendor Expo

Spring ISD 21st Century Programs – 21st CCLC Summer Vendor Expo

As a registered Vendor for Spring ISD, Funtastic Learning Toys was invited to attend the 21st CCLC Summer Vendor Expo and interact with the Campus Site Coordinators and professional staff as they plan and build their 2022-23 program schedules.

21st CCLC Summer Vendor Expo

Event is closed to public and is meant for Spring ISD Staff and its registered Vendors to plan Spring ISD Century Programs for the 2022-2023 school year.

Event Date:
July 28th, 2022

Spring ISD 21st Century Programs

The Project S.A.F.E. Program is an afterschool program that will operate at Bammel Elementary and is open to Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade students.  The program will offer daily homework support, tutorials, academic enrichment, extra-curricular activities, and more.  The activities of the program will support the school day curriculum and will give the students the opportunity to grow both academically and socially.  It will be staffed by Certified Teachers, Tutors, and Paraprofessionals that all share the same passion to see students succeed and grow.  There will also be a focus on community involvement in education and parental engagement with their children.  Adult learning opportunities and Family Events will be offered throughout the year.  

21st Century Project SAFE Mission

  • Provide valuable targeted academic support to help students meet local and state standards in core academic subjects
  • Provide a wide variety of high-interest, student selected activities that will supplement and support the students’ regular academic school-day curriculum
  • Build strong parental involvement and
  • Promote community partnerships

Products Tentatively to be Demonstrated at Vendor Expo