Tips & Suggestions

  • Guide Your Children Toward Healthy Lifestyle Choices
    With these 6 Tips to Help Guide Your Children Toward Healthy Lifestyle Choices They will make healthy choices as adults.
  • Successful Parent and Entrepreneur
    In the ever changing social and economic challenges we face, being a Successful Parent and Entrepreneur is difficult for Home-Based Businesses. These tips will help establish a balance between Parenting and Entrepreneurship.
  • Pre-Employment Transition Services
    Funtastic Learning Toys is registered with Texas Workforce Commission – Vocational Rehabilitation Services as an On-The-Job Training site for Special Needs Students soon to graduate High School under its Pre-Employment Transition Services program.
  • Overcoming Fatigue as a Parent of a Special Needs Child
    Overall, according to Pew Research Center, 14 percent of students in the United States participate in a special education program. If you’re the parent of a special needs child, you’ve likely experienced your fair share of fatigue along the way. While it is mainly normal to feel tired or frustrated on occasion, it’s possible to combat fatigue by using the right approach.
  • Tips to Create a Great Bedroom for a Child with ASD
    Children on the autism spectrum flourish under different circumstances than their peers. This is why it is important for parents to create a bedroom environment that encourages them to do so while making them feel safe, comfortable, and happy. The changes don’t have to be huge or difficult to implement: all that it takes is a bit of extra thought and consideration
  • Encourage a Child with a Learning Disability to Get Involved with the Arts
    Statistics indicate that one in five kids in the US has a learning disability, which can result in falling behind in school, disciplinary issues, and low self-esteem. Whether a child has an issue with reading, writing, speaking, listening, reasoning, or solving math problems, these disabilities don’t mean they’re not bright.