Autism Adventures

Autism Adventures of Texas, LLC

Savannah Blair is the founder / owner of Autism Adventures of Texas LLC. As she explains in her profile on the Autism Adventures website, she

“started this business to help families in the Autism Community feel more comfortable attending events and being a part of a community. My family is a part of the Autism Community because of my brother, and we are blessed to have him in our lives. I have also been a RBT for 2 years and fell in love with the field of ABA. Being a part of the Autism Community can be difficult at times, but it can also be very rewarding. Creating this business gives me hope for others to feel welcome in outside settings. Families in this community will gather and spend time with each other for ourselves and for our loved ones.”

Partnership Between Funtastic Learning Toys and Autism Adventures

Last minute family emergency required Savannah to cancel her product demonstrations of Funtastic Learning Toys products at the Kinetic Kids Expo.

2022 Education Explosion with Ron Clark

Savannah was instrumental in broadening the awareness of the capabilities of Funtastic Learning Toys and Autism Adventures.

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