Lease Sign for Funtastic Learning Toys Store.

Opening Funtastic Learning Toys Northwest Houston Store

Our Journey Begins with Locating, Leasing, and Opening Our New Northwest Houston Store.

On December 6, 2019, after months of search for a location for Funtastic Learning Toys Northwest Houston store, the right location was found. Lease was completed on December 11, 2019 and move in begins. After spending a week scheduling for electrical, internet, and phone to be connected, setting up the store begins. After the electricity was on, electric company needed to upgrade wiring to building code standards.

At the same time we were organizing the store we were applying for sales tax and building permits along with establishing insurance policies. A major project at this time was designing, contracting, and installing the building sign.

While verifying that the store meets fire code and waiting for Harris County Fire Marshal inspection, more was done to stock, organize, and decorate store.

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