Understanding Finances Grs 5-9


Understanding Finances for Grades 5-9 explores data and information that is relevant to students’ lives. The information in this paperback helps students navigate through and understand topics they will encounter in our world, such as financial literacy. Written by Ohio University professors, this paperback book takes complicated topics and makes them easier to understand with graphs, charts, and well-written explanations.

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Every day, people earn and spend money. What do you know about earning, saving, and borrowing money? Take a look at how you can use data to manage money, as well as how to compare living wages, learn about interest, inflation, our economy, and so much more in Understanding Finances—part of the Data in Your World book series.

Data and data analysis is important to understanding the economics and finances in our lives. This nonfiction book supports middle-grade students in learning foundational financial literacy skills and using data to understand economics. Before- and after-reading activities, text with supporting graphs, and a glossary are also included.

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