Metal Study Compass with Universal Holder


  • An expansion for Zendo–not a standalone game.
  • When playing Zendo, the most experienced player should take the Moderator role.
  • Moderators are not trying to trick or fool the players, but rather to create an impartial and enjoyable experience.
  • This game requires inductive logic, a skill that does not develop until age 11-12 in even the brightest of students.

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Compact and portable, the Maped Study Metal Compass with Universal holder is perfect for students of all ages and features metal legs for durability. An ergonomically designed head is easy to rotate and manipulate, and the Universal Holder works with the included pencil, and any standard pencil or pen as well. A stylish and eye-catching finish sets this compass apart! Set includes compass, a pencil, and is packed in a reusable storage and transport case.

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