Georello Tech

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    • Build three-dimensional structures, attach the gears and set everything in motion in an awesome chain reaction
    • Premium assortment, the parts can be connected diagonally
    • The universal joint transmits the rotary motion to gears that are distant and not on the same plane, reproducing a fundamental mechanism present on many machines
    • New chain and elastic belt included
    • 100% washable plastic
    • Georello Tech, to discover the first notions of mechanics


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Build tangled three-dimensional structures, then attach the gears and put it all in motion with a fantastic chain reaction! This clever system of construction allows you to connect the pieces diagonally, a unique characteristic! Georello Tech includes an exclusive system that transmits rotatory motion to distant gears, not just on the same plane, a common design flaw in a lot of other machines. The universal joint system gives children great creative liberty and spectacular results because they can build separate structures with long rotating connections. Also included are the new chain and the elastic strap useful to transmit the movement to distant gears. Georello Tech will help you discover the first principles of mechanics but, above all, you will have a good time. Totally unbreakable and reliable.

Weight2.98 lbs
Dimensions15.75 × 13.39 × 3.54 in
Suggested Age

5+ years

Common Use

Creative Play

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