3-Game Bundle, Red, White, & Blue, US States, US Presidents & Washington DC

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  • Entertaining educational card game loved for bringing your favorite states, presidents and landmarks in Washington DC to life
  • Play TOP TRUMPS anytime, anywhere, with as many people as you like
  • Find out which president had the most pets, or which US state is the most populated or even which Washington DC landmark has the highest TOP TRUMPS rating
  • Easy-to-carry plastic case means there are no limits on gameplay
  • Prepare to outsmart your opponents, discover new and exciting facts about your favorite states, presidents and Washington DC landmarks and duel your way to becoming the Top Trump

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Embrace your patriotic spirit with our Red, White and Blue TOP TRUMPS bundle, including US States, US Presidents and Washington DC. Covering all 50 states, from Hawaii to Colorado, the US States pack details the population, size, distance from Washington DC, number of counties and which year it was admitted to the union. What’s more, the US Presidents pack, includes all 45 presidents and compares the year that they took Office, how many electoral votes they received and even the number of pets that they had. In the Washington DC pack, uncover national treasures such as the Capitol Building, Georgetown University and the Lincoln Memorial and find out which has the most visitors per year and the highest TOP TRUMPS rating.

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