This “Understanding Our Business” section explains how we enhance the Education of Special Needs Students who are Homeschooled and in Public or Private Schools. This page also supplies some basic information to describe the relationship between Funtastic Learning Toys, Special Needs Toys Online (its sister company) and Future Business Ventures (its parent company). Through these business entities, our founders try to enhance the Education of Special Needs Students, deliver quality developmental toys for generalized use by Children with Special Needs, and wherever possible to provide employment to Veterans, Elderly and other individuals with disabilities who otherwise would have difficulty finding employment.

Future Business Ventures, Ltd. Co.

Future Business Ventures has two divisions, Funtastic Learning Toys and Special Needs Toys Online
Future Business Ventures, Ltd. Co. is a small company formed by U.S. Veterans who have seen people which through birth or life crisis have Special Needs.
The founders established three missions:
  1. support Children and Adults with Special Needs,
  2. participate in Community Projects focused on Youth programs, persons with disabilities, and families with financial difficulties,
  3. provide employment for U.S. Veterans and the Elderly.`
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Funtastic Learning Toys

Front Window of Funtastic Learning Toys Northwest Houston store displaying topics used to enhance the Education of Special Needs Students
Funtastic Learning Toys Storefront is located in Northwest Houston to serve the parents, teachers, and caregivers of Special Needs Students in the local Houston area.

Funtastic Learning Toys was founded Febuary 9, 2005 as a home-based business. The founders established a website and slowly expanded to larger regions of Texas to attend Homeschool and Special Needs trade shows and conferences. Since 2014, We received many invitations and attended Christian-Based Homeschool networks. And now in 2020, we opened our first storefront to reach out to the Special Education staff of public and private schools to offer any help it can to enhance the Education of Special Needs Students. More of the history and some of the future plans for Funtastic Learning Toys will be added to the story-line of blog posts in our “Houston Store News” section.

Funtastic Learning Toys
12585 Bammel N Houston Rd
Suite 103, Houston, Texas 77066
Phone: 832-778-4888
Closed for the following holidays:
Christmas, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving.
Special Hours may be set for:
Christmas Eve through New Years Day, Good Friday through Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving Weekend.

Special Needs Toys Online

Happy Children holding a Special Needs Toys Online banner
Group of happy children holding a Special Needs Toys Online banner.

With the changes this year in our business operations due to Funtastic Learning Toys’ new Houston store opening, information is being updated on this website and the other websites associated with our business.

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