Spectrum Test Prep Workbook Grade 3

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Build your child’s confidence and provide skills that increase test success with Spectrum Test Prep for grade 3. Rigorous practice strengthens test-taking skills and helps them to conquer standardized tests. This comprehensive workbook goes beyond typical skill drills to explore other contributors to test success—strategies and time management.


Students learn how to follow directions, understand different test formats, use effective strategies to avoid common mistakes, and budget their time wisely. The activities in this workbook not only feature essential practice in reading, math, and language arts test areas but also prepare students to take standardized tests. Spectrum Test Prep Grade 3 includes strategy-based activities for language arts and math, test tips to help answer questions, and critical thinking and reasoning. Step-by-step solutions in the answer key are included.

The Spectrum Test Prep series was developed by experts in education and was created to help students improve and strengthen their test-taking skills.  This comprehensive workbook is an excellent resource for developing skills for assessment success. Spectrum, the best-selling workbook series, is proud to provide quality educational materials that support your students’ learning achievement and success.



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