Sparkle + Shine Black and Gold Arrows Cut-Outs



Colorful Cutout Blk Gld Arrow Asst Designs


Printed on card stock, durable classroom cut-outs are ideal for a variety of purposes. The 36-piece Sparkle + Shine Black and Gold Arrows Colorful Cut-Outs pack contains 12 each of the following shapes and patterns:
• 12 hexagons
• 12 stripes
• 12 zigzags

Play games, label desks, and enhance bulletin boards with assorted Colorful Cut-Outs. With a wide variety of shapes, colors, and styles, classroom cut-outs are perfect to use as game pieces, cubby tags, and more. To create a cohesive theme, be sure to browse coordinating Sparkle + Shine classroom décor.

Additional information

Weight 0.31 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 0.5 in
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