Rainbow Blocks, Assorted Shapes, 30/pkg



Rainbow Blocks 30 Asst Shapes


An adventure in color, light and sound! Indulge your child’s appetite for exploration by combining blocks to form new colors and sounds, or stack the blocks in a different order each time to form new and exciting shapes. Smooth hard-wood frames with primary colored plexi windows. Sized to standard unit block measurements. Ages 2+. 30 block assorted shapes set. 8 square, 4 1/2 circles, 2 large triangles, 6 small triangles and 10 rectangles.

• Solid wood frames with inset colored acrylic windows
• Set includes 8 squares, 4 1/2 circles, 2 large triangles, 6 small triangles and 10 rectangles
• Durable hardwood frames with vibrantly colored insets
• Standard unit block measurements
• Material: Hardwood frames with primary colored, transparent acrylic windows
• Educational Focus: Hand-eye coordination, visual perception, color exploration or light table activities
• Suggested Age: 2+

Additional information

Weight 6.6 lbs
Dimensions 11.25 × 11.25 × 4.4 in
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