Phases of the Moon Mini Bulletin Board Set, Grade 3-6



Phases Of The Moon Mini Bb St


Make learning the moon’s phases fun and exciting while using the 24-piece Phases of the Moon Mini Bulletin Board. This charming set includes the moon’s eight phases, labels, an Earth accent piece, and student-friendly definitions. Curriculum-based bulletin boards sets are perfect for classrooms with limited display space. This set includes the following pieces:

• 1 header (20.3″ x 4.25″)
• 1 Earth, assembled from 2 pieces (10.5″ diameter)
• 8 moons (5.5″ diameter)
• 8 labels (largest: 1.8″ x 8.4″; smallest: 1.75″ x 5.5″)
• 5 information cards (largest: 5.4″ x 6.3″; smallest: 5″ x 5″)

Bulletin boards allow you to create a fun and inviting atmosphere while presenting essential standards-based content in a visually appealing way. Each set reinforces important skills and learning strategies and can be displayed for your students to reference all year long.

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Dimensions 24.4 × 7.1 × 0.11 in
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