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Petting Zoo

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Get ready for some family fun on the farm with Petting Zoo–the hands-on matching game for toddlers! Take turns spinning the textured “touch and feel” spinner. Feel the space where the spinner stops, then reach inside the Petting Zoo and feel for the animal with the matching texture. Spin “wild” and pick any farm friend you find; spin “feeding time” and skip a turn! With simple, 3-step instructions and six sweet animals to choose from, Petting Zoo makes a great first game!

The nitty-gritty:
•Hands-on matching game for 2 players
•Includes the petting zoo, 6 textured animals, and a textured “touch and feel” spinner
•Textured animals include a sateen pig, cotton sheep, synthetic leather cow, mesh snake, mink rabbit, and dotted toad
•Simple, 3-step instructions make this the perfect first game for toddlers

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