All-Time Favorite Dances CD

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  • A collection of popular, fun-to-do dances
  • ideal for all settings
  • Includes CD & Guide
  • Ages 4+

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Kimbo Educational features the All-time Favorite Dances CD for upbeat classic tunes that children of all ages will enjoy. Fun kids dance music is a win-win way for children to get the exercise they need. Classic dance songs such as The Twist, The Limbo, The Mexican Hat Dance, The Chicken and The Hokey Pokey are children’s favorites. If your class needs fun movement activities for children, then this CD is perfect for you. No partners are necessary for this #1 collection of party dances for ages 4 and up. A guide with lyrics and instruction are included.

Songs include:
1. The Twist
2. Rocky Top
3. The Limbo Rock
4. The Chicken
5. Cotton Eyed Joe
6. The Hora
7. Mexican Hat Dance
8. The Hokey Pokey
9. The Conga
10. Alley Cat
11. Virginia Reel
12. The Bunny Hop
13. The Maypole Dance

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