Accounts for Northwest Harris Co. Teachers

Vendor for Northwest Harris County School Districts

Teachers within these school districts receive a unique set of benefits.

The Northwest Harris County School Districts that Funtastic Learning Toys currently support are:

Aldine, Cy-Fair, Klein, Magnolia, Spring,
Tomball, and Waller Independent School Districts

Homeschooling Special Needs Students

For over 15 years we gained experience through tradeshows and conferences in supporting parents who homeschool their children. Our primary focus was for parents who homeschooled special needs children.

New Support to Teachers, Schools, & School Districts

  • Aid Teachers with Special Needs Students in their Class
  • Help ensure Teachers meet the needs of All Children in their Class
  • Assist Schools to Improve their General and Special Education Programs
  • Help School Districts support the Teachers within their Govern
Free Resources for Teachers

Benefits to Teacher Accounts

  • Discounted Pricing similar to Rates offered to the School District
  • Yearly Educational Supplies and Special Needs Catalogs
  • Support for Classroom & Virtual Class
  • Free Printable Resources for Class Use
  • Assistance to Parents for Support Materials
  • Focus Materials for Special Needs Students
  • Free Delivery to Teachers at Schools We Service

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CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: Details of Discount Structure and Free Resources are not publicly released. Free Digital Resources are to be used as defined in copyright policies associated with the Resource. Discount Rates and other Details related to our Teacher Accounts are kept as a confidential agreement between Funtastic Learning Toys and the Teacher and/or School acquiring the account.