Color Photo Games: First Phonics Gr. K-1 - Key Education

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Engaging "Full-Color Games That Reinfource Essential Early Literacy Skills for PK-K" provide a useful tool for parents and teachers to help their students with special learning needs gain essential language arts skills.
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This 160-page Key Education resource book emphasizes essential beginning phonics skills with 18 Full-Color Games that are easy to assembly, fun to plan, and include photographic artwork and game strategies with differentiated instruction.  The concepts of short and long vowel sounds, final-letter sounds, word families, and segmenting words into phonemes. The book by Pamela K. Hill is designed to engage and educate special learners and assist parents and teachers in building curriculum. It supports NAEYC standards.

 "First Phonics" emphasize the concepts of:
  • short and long vowel sounds
  • final-letter sounds
  • word families
  • segmenting words into phonemes 

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