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All Around The Neighborhood Resource Book by Key Education

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Parents and teachers can encouraged their youngsters to explore the hugh world around them through mini-books, games, reproducible patterns, such as building fronts and vehicles,and a wealth of cross-curricular activities.
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"All Around the Neighborhood" provides the perfect resource for parents and teachers to work with their preschoolers and kindergarten youngsters to explore the huge world around them.Through the reproducible building fronts and vehicles children can create a familiar neighborhood setting, then let the child's imagination do the rest.This 176-page book teaches social awareness along with a variety of concepts and vocabulary words that draw upon the child's interests. It includes 
  • 10 mini-books
  • 7 file-folder games
  • more than 60 reproducible patterns
  • more than 80 literature links, and
  • a wealth of cross-curricular activities that reinforce each new concept. 
  • supports NCSS and NAEYC standards. 

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